Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Using jemalloc heap profiling with MySQL

I spent too much time figuring this out.

This works for me:
MALLOC_CONF="prof:true,prof_gdump:true,prof_prefix:/path/to/files/jez" \
libexec/mysqld ...

This does not work for me:
MALLOC_CONF="prof:true,prof_gdump:true" \
libexec/mysqld ...

MyRocks and sql-bench

MyRocks is now able to run sql-bench with support recently added for tables that are missing a PK. I found one bug and two performance problems in MyRocks when running sql-bench.

While writing this I found a post that claims sql-bench will be removed from the MySQL repo. It is useful and I hope it remains in some repo.

I run sql-bench for MyRocks with this command line:
./run-all-tests --server=mysql --create-options="engine=rocksdb default collate latin1_bin"