Thursday, February 2, 2017

Why MyRocks?

This is yet another attempt to explain why MyRocks is interesting. MySQL continues to get more popular and should soon become #1 on the db-engines ranking. Popularity isn't the only thing about MySQL that is improving -- performance, manageability and availability are also much better and cloud vendors, especially Amazon, are doing remarkable work to make MySQL in the cloud much easier than it used to be.
While Oracle has been a great owner of MySQL we still benefit from external contributions to the core DBMS. But new storage engines are unlikely, even ones that had great promise like TokuDB and PBXT, because the storage engine API is hard to implement. I am surprised and thrilled by the progress we are making with MyRocks. It is in production for us today and I expect it to be in production elsewhere within the next 12 months. I am grateful to work with talented teams (MyRocks, MySQL & RocksDB) and understanding management.

Efficient performance is the reason for MyRocks. We want to provide performance similar to InnoDB but with much better storage efficiency. The technical message is that MyRocks has less space and write amplification than InnoDB without sacrificing too much read amplification. For a workload I care about it uses 1/2 the space and writes at 1/10 the rate of InnoDB. The less technical message is that with MyRocks a deployment needs less SSD and the SSD will last longer.

The other important question is when to use MyRocks. My goal is for MyRocks to be an alternative to InnoDB for any workload where the database is larger than RAM. While we have optimizations for in-memory workloads with RocksDB I don’t focus on that today. I also assume that too many workloads use too much RAM today. If you have fast storage with SSD and the database fits in RAM then you probably have too much RAM. So my pitch is to use more fast storage and less RAM and use less space, less power and possibly fewer servers.


  1. Hello Mark,

    InnoDB has a max tablesize of 64 TB with 16 KB pages (4 billion each 16 KB).

    What is the max tablesize of MyRocks?


    1. Great question. I don't know and re-asked at!topic/myrocks-dev/k3pyd05BC7k