Saturday, December 1, 2018

Pixelbook review

This has nothing to do with databases. This is a review of a Pixelbook (Chromebook laptop) that I got on sale last month. This one has a core i5, 8gb RAM and 128gb storage. It runs Linux too but I haven't done much with that. I expected a lot from this given that my 2013 Nexus 7 tablet is still awesome. I have been mostly happy with the laptop but if you care about keyboards and don't like the new Macs thanks to the butterfly keyboard then this might not be the laptop for you. My 3 complaints:
  1. keyboard is hard to read. It is grey on grey and too hard to read when there is light on my back even with the backlight (backlit?) turned all the way up. I don't get it -- grey on grey. So this is a great device for using in a dark room or for improving your touch typing skills.
  2. touchpad control is too coarse grained so it is either too fast or too slow. The settings has 5 values via a slider (1=slowest, 5=fastest). I have been using it at 3 which is a bit too fast for me while 2 is a bit too slow. I might go back to 2 but that means picking up my finger more frequently when moving a pointer across the screen.
  3. no iMessage - my family uses Apple devices and I can't run that here as I can on a Mac laptop
  4. the "" ey is flay --> the "k" key is flaky -> spacebar is flaky. Keys go bad for a few days, then get better, repeat. Ugh, his is one-off Google hardware. Maybe they don't want Apple and the butterfly keyboard to have all the fun. Fortunately I bought from an authorized reseller (Best Buy) so the 1 year warranty should apply.
  5. Charger failed, fortunately that is easy to replace.

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  1. Flaky keys continue to come and go -- space bar isthecurrentproblem