Friday, February 7, 2020

Podcasts I love

There are so many amazing history podcasts. This is a list of some that I have enjoyed and will listen to again. The content is amazing and free but you can also support the creators via Patreon or their web sites.

There is not enough time to listen to all of the great podcasts. The creators have so much talent. I prefer podcasts done by one person with content that provides a big picture so I don't get lost in the details. I am not picky about the part of the world covered or time time period as long as the content is engaging. I am picky about the presentation -- voice and editing.

I still use the Apple Podcasts app on my iPhone. Maybe other apps are better but I am used to it. I gave up using my laptop. Syncing my phone with the laptop was a hassle and It is easy to (re)download content from iTunes. I subscribe and then use custom settings to play from oldest to newest and don't delete after playing (because I frequently repeat episodes). I manually delete episodes otherwise when a podcast has 100+ episodes the Podcast app requires too much scrolling.

So much work goes into these podcasts but when finished there is something that brings much joy to many people, something that will be here for a long time.

The list:
I have a vague memory of listening to a podcast on the history of Korea but I can't find it. I think I read a book on the topic as well so it all blends together at this point. The stories about the naval battles, maybe Admiral Yi Sun-Shin, remain with me.


  1. Interesting. I wonder what your listening habits are like? Do you listen to them while commutting, at work, while relaxing? Do you chose what to listen based on the title/topic or do you try the all and the bail out if you are not into them? Just curious.

  2. I bail fast on books, podcasts and movies. Getting back time is refreshing and there are so many great podcasts that there is no reason to stick with one that isn't working for me.

    I like history -- recent and ancient. The time period or geographic region doesn't matter.

    I listen while traveling, working outside, walking and at bed time. A podcast at night helps me relax and fall asleep. Maybe podcast creators don't want to learn their content helps people sleep but that is a bonus for me.

  3. I love history. This is a good list you've curated and I look forward to listening to Eric Halsey podcast on Bulgaria. Can you make an updated list of podcasts you listen to in 2022 please?