Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Using SPIN to validate the InnoDB read-write lock

I hope to being learning how to use TLA+ and that reminded me of prior work I did with SPIN.

I have written two blog posts (here and here) about my usage of SPIN to validate concurrent code. The most important usage was for the rewrite of the InnoDB read-write lock that my team did at Google. It was important because that model helped to convince the InnoDB team to accept the change. I hope to being learning about TLA+ 

Within Google the project was mostly done by Ben Handy and I helped. This was ~15 years ago so my memory is vague. I remember reading the SPIN book to learn how to write a model for the algorithm. I also remember finding a machine with a lot of RAM and then doing what I could to reduce the memory requirements to run the model. Reducing the amount of concurrency tested was one such change. Finally, I remember enjoying SPIN.

I didn't share the model before but a friend, and InnoDB/TiDB expert, provided me with a copy. That model can now be read here.

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