Thursday, April 13, 2023

The case of the missing NVMe device

I have 3 Beelink servers at home. While not perfect, they have been good to me. They arrived with 512G Kingston NVMe SSD in m.2 form factor. Endurance wasn't great, they quickly reached their limit and I replaced them with 1TB Samsung 980 Pro.

The Samsung has held up well -- I have one server each for Postgres, InnoDB and MyRocks benchmarks. The MyRocks server is now at 2% of its endurance limit while the InnoDB server is at 8% because write-amp is much better with MyRocks.

Alas I can't tell you the state of the Postgres SSD because it has disappeared -- /dev/nvme0 and /dev/nvme0n1 no longer exist on the server. After a reboot there is nothing in dmesg output to indicate a problem. Prior to reboot there were many errors about nvme0 in dmesg output -- see here.

I confirmed the m.2 SSD is still in the server. Time to visit Best Buy and buy a replacement. Best Buy doesn't pay me for this mention they are just a great resource in my town. 

Proof that the SSD is still in the server...

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