Sunday, March 7, 2021

How to submit a PR for RocksDB

I submitted my first PR to RocksDB as an external contributor and have advice on the process.

  • Read the Contribution Guide
  • Run make format on your diffs. This depends on clang-format and you might need to install it.
  • Edit if there are user-facing changes
  • Optionally run make check to confirm tests pass. Some tests failed because my small servers have 16G of RAM, the tests use /dev/shm and needed more than the 8G that /dev/shm gets on my servers.
  • Confirm that RocksDB LITE builds still work: LITE=1 make db_bench
  • Some of the CI tests are flaky now and have bogus failures (see here). To get CI tests to repeat I edit and push small changes to The team is fixing the intermittent test failures. Alas, one of the intermittent problems was from internal gcc failures on ARM -- something I can't reproduce on my x86 hardware. The good news is that after three attempts everything passes.
  • Google for advice on how to do this in git. I am not a git guru but the advice I find is great

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