Friday, February 26, 2021

More on read-only benchmarks and an LSM

This adds to my last post on the impact of LSM tree shape on read performance. I updated the test script to add one more stage, l0_and_lmax, that runs after compact_all. A full compaction is done for compact_all to show the benefit (more QPS) of reducing the number of trees to search to 1. For the l0_and_lmax stage overwrites are done to get 6 SSTs in the L0. At this point there is data in the L0 and max level of the LSM tree -- thus the name l0_and_lmax.

The updated results and changes to my test scripts are here. The spreadsheet with data and charts is here.

The summary is that query performance suffers if you do all of the work to fully compact the LSM tree and then put 6 SSTs in the L0. By suffers, I mean it is almost as bad as when the LSM tree has data everywhere (memtable, L0, all levels after the L0). This is visible in the charts below -- compare l0_and_lmax with pre_flush and post_flush.


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