Friday, October 7, 2016

MyRocks, MongoRocks, RocksDB and Mr. Mime

The big news is that MyRocks will arrive in proper distributions with expert support (Percona Server and MariaDB Server). This is a big deal for me as it helps make MyRocks better faster and it gives you a chance to evaluate MyRocks. Earlier this year Percona announced support for MongoRocks.

After two weeks in Europe (Dublin, London, Amsterdam) I have yet to catch or even encounter Mr. Mime, the Europe-only Pokemon Go character. So I will return in November to spend more time searching for Mr. Mime and speak at CodeMesh in London and HighLoad++ in Moscow.
  • - I look forward to attending as many talks as possible at CodeMesh. I speak on November 4 on the relationship between performance and efficiency. I think the RUM Conjecture makes it easier to understand the choices between database engines which matters more given that we aren't limited to update-in-place b-trees today. Contact me directly if you want a discount code for a CodeMesh ticket.
  • HighLoad++ - I visit Moscow to speak at HighLoad++, explain the case for MyRocks and MongoRocks and learn more about Tarantool, one of my favorite projects which is also in the process of adding a write-optimized database engine (Vinyl).

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