Saturday, October 15, 2016

scons verbose command line

Hopefully I can find this blog post the next time I get stuck. How do you see command lines when building your favorite open source project? Try one of variants below. I am sure this list will grow over time. The scons variant is my least favorite. I use too many tools for source configuration and compiling. I am barely competent with most of them, but it is easy to find answers for popular tools. I get to use scons with MongoDB. It is less fun searching for answers to problems with less popular tools.

  make V=1
  make VERBOSE=1
  scons --debug=presub

Pagerank seems to be busted for scons. Top results are for too-old versions of scons. Top-ranked results usually tell you how to solve the problem with Python, but users aren't writing scons input files, we are doing things via the command line. At least with MongoDB's use of scons, the separator for construction variables is a space, not a colon. So do LIBS="lz4 zstd" but not LIBS="lz4:zstd".

This is my second scons inspired post. Just noticed my previous one.

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