Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bugs in Windows 10 parental controls

I use Windows 10 parental controls with my two children. Sometimes I am surprised at the bugs I encounter, but I can't rant too much because of glass houses and stones. My old favorite was that a hard reset before the time limit reached zero allowed my clever child to get more time. Apparently Microsoft takes storage efficiency very seriously and didn't want to waste a disk write and/or fsync on persisting the usage counter every few minutes. I haven't tried to reproduce this recently but never heard back after filing a bug report.

Now I have a new favorite bug. I am 5 hours behind their timezone and granted another hour to my daughter. It is 4pm here and 9pm there. The landing page after granting the time tells me my child can use the computer until 5pm (my timezone).  Child tries to login and immediately encounters the timeout dialog. Apparently timezones are a hard problem. But less screen time is a good thing.

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