Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Less "mark" in MySQL benchmarking

My goal for the year is more time learning math and less time running MySQL benchmarks. I haven't done serious benchmarks for more than 12 months. It was a great experience but I want to learn new things. MySQL 8.0.14 has been released with fixes for a serious bug I found via the insert benchmark. I won't confirm whether it has been fixed. I hope someone else does.

My tests and methodology are described in posts for sysbench, linkbench and the insert benchmark.  I hope the upstream distros (MySQL, MariaDB, Percona) repeat my tests and methodology and I am happy to answer questions about that. I even have inscrutable shell scripts that make it easy to run the tests. Despite being a lousy example of how to use Bash, they are portable enough to run on my home and work hardware.

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