Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Historical - summary of the Google MySQL effort

This summarizes work we did on MySQL at Google. These posts used to be shared at code.google.com but it was shutdown. After reformatting most of these (it was a fun day for me, but sorry for the spam) I remembered that somone had already done that in 2015. Thank you.

It all started for me with the Google patch for MySQL in April 2007. The Register summary of that included a Cringely story repeated by Nick Carr that Google might have shared the patch as part of a plan to dominate IT via cloud computing. I thought that was ridiculous. AWS said hold my beer and brought us Aurora.

My reformatted posts:

Posts from the git wiki pages via my fork of upstream:


  1. Great post. I guess Global Transactions ID is pointing to LinkedIn.

    1. Fast, correct, automated failover is a game changer for upstream