Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Fixing bug 109595 makes MySQL almost 4X faster on the Insert Benchmark

MySQL 8.0.35 includes a fix for bug 109595 and with that fix the QPS is almost 4X larger on the read+write benchmark steps compared to MySQL 8.0.34.

Thank you to MySQL for fixing this quickly. I reported the bug in January of 2023. I have been aware of the performance problem for years, but didn't spend time debugging it until this year. I assume this problem was limited to InnoDB because I did not see problems with MyRocks.

The chart below shows relative QPS which is (QPS for MySQL 8.0.35) / (QPS for MySQL 8.0.34). When the value is larger than 1.0 then MySQL 8.0.35 is faster than 8.0.34. And below the relative QPS is almost 4.0 on the read+write benchmark steps: q100, q500, q1000.

The Insert Benchmark is explained here.

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